Heroes from Marasti…in memoriam

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100 years of heroism at Mărăşti
June 9, 2015
Marasti - 99 ani
Mărăști 99
July 20, 2016
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Heroes from Marasti…in memoriam

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Heroes who fell on Marasti battlefield were honored on Monday, July 20, 2015, in an event organized by Vrancea County Council, Focsani Garrison, Prefecture, County Department for Culture, Focsani, People Athenaeum and Racoasa Hall. 98 years since the heroic fights in Mărăşti, villagers Mărăşti alongside Romanian and American soldiers paid tribute to their heroes in an event of great significance.

Throughout the day, at the Heroes Mausoleum Mărăşti was secured Guard of Honour by soldiers of Focsani Garrison, and before the start of the event, the torches of the mausoleum were lit while “Pastorala” Choir performed a series of patriotic songs . Archbishop Cyprian, Archbishop of Buzau and Vrancea, along with a group of priests officiated the religious service of remembrance of the heroes.

“Deep down in our soul, we have the duty to mention the heroes, to thank God that the Romanian people conceived such people able to give his life to defend the faith, homeland and nation,” said Archbishop of Buzau and Vrancea.

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Jerba de flori depusa la sarcofagul Maresalului Averescu in data de 20 iulie 2015 de catre Prefectul Nicusor Halici, Vicepresedintele Ionel Cel-Mare, IPS Ciprian, Arhiepiscopul Buzăului și Vrancei, generalul Ovidiu Virgil Pop, comandantul Garnizoanei Focsani si Traian Negulescu, directorul Directiei Judetene pentru Cultura Vrancea

Were presented speeches by officials present, and afterwards there were laid wreaths at the mausoleum, and then a military parade provided by soldiers from the garrison Focsani and by the Americans in the Black Sea Area Support Team – Air Base “MK” took place.

Subsequently, the Heroes Mausoleum Mărăşti was visited by those present, and flowers were laid at the sarcophagus of Marshal Averescu by Vice President of Vrancea County Council, General (r.) Ionel Cel-Mare, prefect Nicuşor Halici accompanied by ” Pastorala” Choir. Because St. Ilie “did his job” and brought a breath of rain on the shelf at Mărăşti, the concert of “Consonante” Quartet was moved in the mausoleum, where it enjoyed a large audience among those who witnessed being the US military from air base “MK”.

In the end of the event, the exhibition “The Glory Road of the Romanian Army in World War” took place, which was presented to the public by Traian Negulescu, Director of Vrancea County Department for Culture. The exhibition will be at the Heroes Mausoleum Mărăşti until July 30, after which it will be transferred to Mărăşeşti Mausoleum.

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Please see below, excerpts from the speeches of the authorities present at the “In memoriam … Mărăşti heroes”.

”I see country’s loyalty in the honor preserved to the end!», Wrote Her Majesty Queen Mary in her notes. Loyalty paid with human sacrifice is what the heroes who fought for the country here at Mărăşti during the most glorious offensive of Romanian Army in WWI showed. The victory from Marasesti would not have been possible without the victory from Marasti, and without the heroism of soldiers from 2nd Army, Marasti wouldn’t have been a place where the history of fights that took place 98 years ago are not present on every street. Loyalty to the homeland is the message given over for the 5342 soldiers buried here in Heroes Mausoleum, and we today honor their sacrifice. Vrancea is our home, it is a blessed land, and here at Mărăşti, each tablespoon of ground is sprinkled with blood!”

Message of Marian Oprisan, President of Vrancea County  Council submitted by Vice President of Vrancea County Council, Ionel Cel-Mare.

”Moments like these, with deep historical and symbolic appearance, through which we pay homage to the facts of arms of our forefathers are an opportunity for each of us, which we really feel Romanian, to reflect on the future and destiny of this country. Beyond marking the 98 years since the first victory of the Romanian Army in World War I, today we celebrate the continuity and strength of the Romanian people to the challenges of history”, the message of Deputy Prime Minister for National Security, Interior Minister Gabriel Oprea sent by General Virgil Ovidiu Pop, Focsani Garrison commander.

”It is an honor for us to care for them and bring them well-deserved tributes. We are obliged to show our gratitude preserving what they have left us more valuable, a free country”, message of prefect Nicuşor Halici.

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